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Tech Task #5- Inspirational Image and Quote

This is my edited version of a photo with one of my favourite quotes reminding us how able children are, and also how able we are! Don’t give up on your dreams. I used Photoshop to do the editing.

Thanks to horizontal.inspiration for the use of the photo.


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Tech Task #4

This is our Mastercard commercial for Tech Task #4.


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Unlimited Conversation Thanks to Technology

Last weekend at a get-together, we were sitting in the living room and by the end of the evening, four people had their phones out at once playing a variety of games. One of my friends piped up and said, “Alyshia, have you ever played Angry Birds?” I had to admit that I had not. So, I soon had an iPhone in my hand and the aforementioned friend at my side explaining the details of the game! I quickly got caught up in the game, and conversation developed around it. Another person was teaching someone else a new game, and several others were discussing the games, and their favourites. To my great surprise, rather than halt conversation as we were all absorbed in our games, conversation became dynamic, colouful, inclusive, and educational!

In this experience, technology created a unique learning environment, and throughout that evening we had discussed what I realized to be a wide variety of topics that would not have been so all-encompassing or informed if it were not for technology. Some of these included a newspaper article about the Costa Concordia, recorded lectures by academics, a television documentary about sharks, a rumour that had been investigated about several food products, the newest reviews of the 3-D movies that had recently come out, and Blu-Ray players. With this wide variety of sources, from internet to newsprint, to television and word-of-mouth, we are now more able to know so much more about our world than we ever have before, and most importantly, to share that knowledge.

And now I must say, I am a dedicated, addicted Angry Birds fan…! Thanks, Stephanie!

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The First Music Lesson

Today was my first piano lesson! I arrived 20 minutes early because I wasn’t certain I knew where I was going. The receptionists at the conservatory giggled at my incredibly early arrival!

There are three other people in my class– quite an eclectic mix, actually. There is an elderly married couple that bicker hilariously, and a mom that seems to enjoy traveling to Nunavut with her family. And of course, the history and beauty of the College Ave Campus just add more depth to the interesting environment of our lesson and class.

I held my own in the lesson, and needed to ask clarification only a few times. I learned what a semi-tone, whole-tone, the clefs, and the notes that follow the word F-A-C-E on the treble clef are, as well as note values. I am incredibly eager to go to the music room to practice so that I am prepared for next week’s lesson!

There is talk of a recital at the end of the semester! How exciting!

Any advice for a new music learner?!


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Tech Task 3: Spreadsheet of Student Expenses

So, here is my very first spreadsheet (not to mention spreadsheet on Google Docs)! I hope you can access it through the way that I’ve uploaded it!

Here is a little bit of a preview:

A Semester’s Expenses
. Expenses September October November December Total
. Tuition and Fees $ 1,450.00 $ 1,450.00
. Books $ 450.00 $ 450.00
. Rent $ 375.00 $ 250.00 $ 250.00 $ 250.00 $ 1,125.00
. Utilities $ 50.00 $ 60.00 $ 75.00 $ 95.00 $ 280.00
. Food $ 160.00 $ 160.00 $ 160.00 $ 160.00 $ 640.00
. Transportation $ 120.00 $ 120.00 $ 120.00 $ 120.00 $ 480.00
. Odds and Ends $ 100.00 $ 100.00 $ 100.00 $ 300.00 $ 600.00
. Total Monthly Expenses $ 2,705.00 $ 690.00 $ 705.00 $ 925.00 $ 5,025.00

I don’t necessarily agree that all of the numbers are accurate. For example, I pay a lot more than $250 per month for rent! However, some of the columns are relatively accurate, and it was a fun task nonetheless.

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Going Paperless

I have been doing a lot of research lately for an Environmental Education class on the subject of going paperless. It is an interesting topic that has critics on both ends of the spectrum. Some of the concerns about going paperless are security and the power use required to use electronic devices. Some concerns about using paper are massive amounts of storage (in offices), waste, and materials required to make paper, including trees.

With my newfound knowledge of blogs, and what they offer, I have been reading one that is written by a lawyer called “Going Paperless: One Lawyer’s Quest to Make Work Easier.” He is working to make work easier, more eco-friendly, and more efficient. From his blog I may not have obtained any scientific data that will support my research. That said, I have gathered valuable knowledge about the realities of a company, and a real person, who is trying to help his employees and the environment in a genuine way.

My stance on the subject is that we will always require some paper, and so, simply dismissing it rather than working to improve paper-making techniques that can be greener, as well as working to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle,” we can use both computers and technology as well as paper to improve our world.


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Youtube: “It cannot be just one thing.”

I’ve never found myself to be very admiring of the internet, and specifically, YouTube. I do believe that it is a source that has the potential to allow for creativity and community. However, too often I have been bombarded with such things as commercial advertisements and incredibly rude comments.

Now, this said, the Michael Wesch’s video entitled “An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube” has enabled me to take a second look at YouTube. I have come to a better understanding of the idea that YouTube is accessible and utilized by people, and just like political systems or religions, as a “people-created” system, it is not going to be perfect, and I was naïve to think that it could, or should, be.

I believe now that some of the beauty in YouTube stems precisely from the reason I disliked it before—the fact that it is so near human experience, and likely closer than we normally dare come on a day-to-day basis. People are outspoken and yes, can be quite inconsiderate, and yet, passionate and inspired. And they share those feelings with others in a way that is uniquely their own.

Whether it is a way to form a support system… A way to reach out.. A way to make a difference… A way to express one’s self… YouTube has its baggage and faults, yes, but that is only because we, the users, do too. And that may just be why it is so valued. It’s a reflection of ME, of US.

“It cannot be just one thing…”

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