Hello blogging world!

10 Jan

Welcome to my new blog!

I can’t wait to jump in feet first with this first post!

So, first, a little introduction:

I am currently in my second year of the Elementary Education program at the University of Regina. I enjoy the outdoors and nearly every activity associated with it (hiking, canoeing, camping, etc). I love to read and learn about new things and I enjoy dancing. I am a Saskatchewan girl at heart, but my parents and many friends live in Alberta, so that is my destination-of-choice for holidays at the moment.

I am not anywhere near adept with technology. I can make my way around basic computer functions, and not much more! However, I am an eager learner and will always be delighted with an opportunity to learn more about computers. Most of my classrooms at school had smartboards installed in my final couple of years at school, but I do not know how to use one. Our classes required us to do research online and basic word processing, but nothing further.

Although, evidently, I have little technological knowledge, I firmly believe that technology has a vital impact on students today and can enhance a student’s experience with learning in the classroom. There are so many resources that I can access, and students can access, that can be valuable in my class. However, I believe that this also comes with a responsibility to use technology properly and with care, and this also requires knowledge that I am hoping to gain in this course.

I am quite excited to be embarking on this new journey of blogging, so be patient, and I am confident that I will learn plenty along the way!


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Posted by on January 10, 2012 in Tech Tasks


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