Youtube: “It cannot be just one thing.”

18 Jan

I’ve never found myself to be very admiring of the internet, and specifically, YouTube. I do believe that it is a source that has the potential to allow for creativity and community. However, too often I have been bombarded with such things as commercial advertisements and incredibly rude comments.

Now, this said, the Michael Wesch’s video entitled “An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube” has enabled me to take a second look at YouTube. I have come to a better understanding of the idea that YouTube is accessible and utilized by people, and just like political systems or religions, as a “people-created” system, it is not going to be perfect, and I was naïve to think that it could, or should, be.

I believe now that some of the beauty in YouTube stems precisely from the reason I disliked it before—the fact that it is so near human experience, and likely closer than we normally dare come on a day-to-day basis. People are outspoken and yes, can be quite inconsiderate, and yet, passionate and inspired. And they share those feelings with others in a way that is uniquely their own.

Whether it is a way to form a support system… A way to reach out.. A way to make a difference… A way to express one’s self… YouTube has its baggage and faults, yes, but that is only because we, the users, do too. And that may just be why it is so valued. It’s a reflection of ME, of US.

“It cannot be just one thing…”

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