Unlimited Conversation Thanks to Technology

29 Jan

Last weekend at a get-together, we were sitting in the living room and by the end of the evening, four people had their phones out at once playing a variety of games. One of my friends piped up and said, “Alyshia, have you ever played Angry Birds?” I had to admit that I had not. So, I soon had an iPhone in my hand and the aforementioned friend at my side explaining the details of the game! I quickly got caught up in the game, and conversation developed around it. Another person was teaching someone else a new game, and several others were discussing the games, and their favourites. To my great surprise, rather than halt conversation as we were all absorbed in our games, conversation became dynamic, colouful, inclusive, and educational!

In this experience, technology created a unique learning environment, and throughout that evening we had discussed what I realized to be a wide variety of topics that would not have been so all-encompassing or informed if it were not for technology. Some of these included a newspaper article about the Costa Concordia, recorded lectures by academics, a television documentary about sharks, a rumour that had been investigated about several food products, the newest reviews of the 3-D movies that had recently come out, and Blu-Ray players. With this wide variety of sources, from internet to newsprint, to television and word-of-mouth, we are now more able to know so much more about our world than we ever have before, and most importantly, to share that knowledge.

And now I must say, I am a dedicated, addicted Angry Birds fan…! Thanks, Stephanie!

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Posted by on January 29, 2012 in Blogging Adventures


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