Tech Task RIP

05 Mar

So, in response to the video called “RIP!: A Remix Manifesto,” I chose to answer the following question:

Do you believe that creativity is limited if you don’t have access to tools, technology or libraries of content (i.e. musical samples or video clips)? Would your creativity be redirected into another medium, or might it cease to exist without this access?

First of all, I don’t believe creativity would cease to exist without access to content, or even if we hypothetically removed a person from all or any communication or influence from others. I believe that as humans, we are naturally creative. If you watch a child, or someone that is bored, one of the first instincts is to be creative- whether through art or another way, such as building or behaviour. I believe that people would indeed redirect their creativity in other ways.

However, I do believe that some people like to (and are most talented at) expressing their creativity through such channels as music, film, visual art, or dance that would be severely hindered without such tools, technologies, or libraries of content.

Others inspire us. They inspire us not always to conform, but more often, to be DIFFERENT. Without the inspiration that is widely available through technological tools such as the internet, our creativity is limited to those that we come into daily contact with. Creativity stems largely from perspective—and the more access to such tools, technology, and content that individuals have—the more perspectives they can understand, incorporate, and relate to. Broadening our creative base allows us to be more informed, more understanding, and citizens with a global focus—a goal any government should be proud to support.

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Posted by on March 5, 2012 in Tech Tasks


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