Home on the Range: Solos and Individualized Learning

19 Mar

I am loving taking my piano lesson in a group setting. I find it a lot more enjoyable and it enhances my learning. However, because my classmates practice maybe only half an hour each week while I am practicing at least two, not only am I beginning to get bored with the songs and finding them too easy, but I have also been playing from my own music books. Such things as playing tabs and chords are of no interest to my classmates, so I find it challenging to ask questions or play special pieces that I have been preparing.

However, this week, my teacher asked us to take home the song “Home on the Range” and make it our own! We get to rearrange it, play it, or add whatever we want. I was really excited, and well, the video explains the rest, including my increased awareness of the success of  individualized assignments that allow freedom! How else can we, as teachers, work to make learning individualized, while still encouraging a group learning atmosphere?


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