Online and Independent Learning

19 Mar

I participated in the Screencasting Session this week. I found it challenging to locate and figure out how to get involved in the session- I know there was supposed to have video too, but I couldn’t find it so I just listened to the audio. As soon as I finished listening, I went to the iTunes store to see if I could find any more neat educational podcasts, etc. Of course, that’s when I found the accompanying video to the clip I just listened to!

One comment that specifically made me stop to think was that screen casts should be kept to about 2 minutes and focus on “core content.” I understand why after trying to listen myself to over an hour long one! However, I wonder if we compromise the desire for students to understand a topic in depth when we do this. Do we “skim”? Or simplify? Inevitably, I would think. I believe screen casts would work better as an introduction to a topic. What do you think?

For the second part, I watched The Sandbox Manifesto by Angela Maiers

She talked about success of business and the economy no longer about how hard the individual works- it will be about how well they play, which I thought was neat. What I loved most though was the following:

Discovered rules of the sandbox from kids:

  1. Sharing is caring
  2. Messy is good!
  3. Imagination is your greatest asset
  4. Sand is for filling buckets (never for throwing- hurts them, and wastes your play time)
  5. Hugs, Help, and Smiles matter
  6. Take it to the community (take problems to the community- there are people that can help)
  7. Strangers are Future Friends
  8. Be Remarkable! (only job is to have fun, be courageous)
  9. Here you are the MASTER of your Universe
  10. PLAY is the work!

Image Courtesy of DLR.

I loved them, and I intend to keep these rules close to me always. I still love playing in the sandbox, and especially believe that the rules should carry over throughout our lives and not end suddenly at the end of Kindergarten. If you have a chance to watch the video, I would highly recommend it—even just to see the adorable children playing and explaining their rules is worth it!



Posted by on March 19, 2012 in Blogging Adventures


2 responses to “Online and Independent Learning

  1. Cynthia Schultz

    March 19, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    I too watched “The Sandbox Manifesto” by Angela Maiers. I thought it was great and that those 10 tenets can be applied to students of all ages and to adults as well. We are never too old to play and play is important in learning.

    • alyshiavankannel

      March 20, 2012 at 9:06 am

      Thanks for the comment! Wasn’t the clip great? Definitely a reminder to never get “too old!”


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