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Your Treasure Map!

Hello everyone!

So, for my final summary of learning, and this final class, I have put together an online scavenger hunt for you! There are five “locations” and at each location you will have the opportunity to discover one of the lessons I’ve learned from ECMP 355, and at some you’ll even have the chance to contribute!

Img Courtesy of MontyAustin

So, for your starting location here at WordPress, Lesson 1 is linked to the importance and value in blogging and the things that I have learned from this particular blogging community. I have had the privilege of learning about a greater selection of educationally related topics than anywhere else before. I’ve had the opportunity to ask for help when I’m clueless, and offer expertise when I’ve felt experienced. Therefore, Lesson 1 is: I’ve learned how to be a member of a new kind of community– the blogging, online community.

Lesson 1 Mission: Complete!

Clue #2: This is a new way of doing an age-old thing. It does not require paper and ink, but is very interactive and still encourages literacy… However, there are many sites that can help you to create this, so I suppose I’ll have to tell you where mine is! Don’t forget to click on the exclamation points too when you read! Click here for the story.

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Piano Final Summary of Learning

Here, at the conclusion of our semester, is a Before and After look at my experience with the song “Blessed Be Your Name.” Certainly, I learned many other things on the piano (and in music theory) in my learning journey that I am also proud of. However, my intention from the beginning was to learn how to play tabs and I think this is where the most progress has been made. I spent many hours watching videos, listening to the song, and trying a variety of different methods of playing the chords.

Thanks so much to all of you that supported me through this journey, especially Randi who inspired me to continue trying, and offered essential advice!

My Lessons Through This Journey:

1. One of the greatest lessons in this learning project was to recognize once again what it feels like to start to learn something new. It’s scary, it’s frustrating, it’s challenging, and the minor successes are so rewarding. That’s what it’s like especially for our youngest students.

2. But to realize that it’s never too late to start learning something is important too.I think that we develop the mentality of “I’m much too old!” or “Everyone else is so skilled!” or “I wouldn’t know where to begin!”echo through many adult conversations regarding learning new skills. But, we can and should continue to learn!

3. Also, to develop independent learning skills was also incredibly valuable. To experience project-based and self-regulated learning allowed me to better understand the resources that the digital world holds– videos, tutorials, and people that we might otherwise never cross paths with in our daily lives. I was able to obtain the information and guidance that I needed, while also being exposed to ideas, songs, and concepts that I had not yet thought of. Therefore, I can better appreciate the value of this type of learning for students, and it better fosters an ability for students to be lifelong learners when they may not have access to a teacher, but will have access to the online community.

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