Your Treasure Map!

09 Apr

Hello everyone!

So, for my final summary of learning, and this final class, I have put together an online scavenger hunt for you! There are five “locations” and at each location you will have the opportunity to discover one of the lessons I’ve learned from ECMP 355, and at some you’ll even have the chance to contribute!

Img Courtesy of MontyAustin

So, for your starting location here at WordPress, Lesson 1 is linked to the importance and value in blogging and the things that I have learned from this particular blogging community. I have had the privilege of learning about a greater selection of educationally related topics than anywhere else before. I’ve had the opportunity to ask for help when I’m clueless, and offer expertise when I’ve felt experienced. Therefore, Lesson 1 is: I’ve learned how to be a member of a new kind of community– the blogging, online community.

Lesson 1 Mission: Complete!

Clue #2: This is a new way of doing an age-old thing. It does not require paper and ink, but is very interactive and still encourages literacy… However, there are many sites that can help you to create this, so I suppose I’ll have to tell you where mine is! Don’t forget to click on the exclamation points too when you read! Click here for the story.

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