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Perfectly Busy Defined

I don’t know about you, but I am an expert organizer. However, I can also be an expert procrastinator. Put the two together and you can have a spotless room, apartment, to do list, homework pile, and life by 2:00 in the afternoon, tied together with a pretty bow, but absolutely nothing accomplished that is actually required to be accomplished… Works so effectively. Not. Regardless of your organizational practices, this post may apply to you!

Well, this week I was insanely busy with meetings for my volunteer work, teaching, group projects, and so much more that I had about an hour a day to spare in my room. Did I dare waste this precious hour procrastinating? Not a chance. I jumped directly into homework as soon as I walked in the door, and did homework until the second I had to leave again. Was I still organized? Yes. But not excessively so. I got more accomplished in those rare hour blocks this week than I did all weekend when I had unlimited time. I’ve noticed this trend before, too. If I am what I term “perfectly

busy” I get more accomplished, don’t get stressed, and also enjoy university! (Definition of perfectly busy: busy enough that one does not have time to waste by way of procrastination, but not too busy that one feels excessively swamped and exhausted.) I think that this is a hard balance to find, sometimes, and certainly won’t be prolonged for a whole year, as we all know that there are busy times and quiet times in a semester, but if you can find a balance overall of where you can be “perfectly busy,” you may find your time is maximized more than you can imagine!

And, if all else fails, clean your apartment! Maybe you’ll find motivation under your dirty dishes, and if not, your roommates will be pleased, at the least! 🙂

Enjoy your Halloween!! (Look at these adorable little trick or treaters!)


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HELP! The Best Campus Has to Offer

Hello everyone,

Has everybody taken a tour of campus? Found all of your best tools here? If I were to make a list of the 5 most useful places on campus, it would look something like this:

  1. URSU (Students’ Union): Riddell Centre Room 221- they can answer pretty much any question! They have information on student advocates, campus life and events, bus passes, and so much more
  2. Students’ Union Bookstore: You can buy or sell your textbooks here for an excellent deal! Maximize your cash! They only have the bookstore at the beginning of the semesters though, in the multipurpose room in Riddell beside Henderson’s Café.
  3. The Archer Library: If you have not had a tour of the library yet, make sure you do! They can show you how to do effective research both online, and in the library, awesome study nooks (I love the archive room), photocopiers, and librarians that are so helpful and usually available to help you!
  4. Your faculty general office: I don’t know about your faculty, but the Education General Office has helped me in so many situations- organizing classes, exploring individualized programs, and even helping me find my way when I was lost!
  5. Student Success Centre/UR Guarantee: I have found so many opportunities that I didn’t even know existed on campus through my meetings here, and hugely value the support and advice that I have been given through these programs.

Some of these places I wish I’d found my first semester of university! Hope this helps some of you? Or have you found other favourites? Let me know! Of course, you can find links to all of these places off the University homepage by searching them.


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First Post in Too Long!

Hello there everyone!

I am continuing this blog from one I had created from a class that I took here at the university, so feel free to either peruse some of the other pages, especially if you’re in Education, or ignore the other content entirely!

For my first post, I would like to give you a bit of an introduction to me. I am in my third year of Elementary Education, and I love the University of Regina. I love the small campus, the beautiful Wascana Lake in our backyard, the relatively small class sizes, and the neat opportunities that are here for us. I have lived on campus for all three of my years, have participated in a variety of events on campus such as International Development Week or sports events, I love UR Fit and our rec services, and have been involved in volunteering and clubs on campus.

So, my first little tidbit of advice: just stick to it! We’re in the midst of our semester now, and trust me, I know how terrible it feels right now due to midterms and the realization that yes, those final papers are actually beginning to creep up on us! I myself missed my favourite tv show yesterday because of all of it! 🙂 But, in all seriousness, the years here FLY by, and university is a great growing experience. I love my independence, and am proud of how much I’ve grown since beginning university. So, yes, we can get through it, and we tend to forget the bad stuff, and teasure the excellent memories!

Talk soon,


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