First Post in Too Long!

17 Oct

Hello there everyone!

I am continuing this blog from one I had created from a class that I took here at the university, so feel free to either peruse some of the other pages, especially if you’re in Education, or ignore the other content entirely!

For my first post, I would like to give you a bit of an introduction to me. I am in my third year of Elementary Education, and I love the University of Regina. I love the small campus, the beautiful Wascana Lake in our backyard, the relatively small class sizes, and the neat opportunities that are here for us. I have lived on campus for all three of my years, have participated in a variety of events on campus such as International Development Week or sports events, I love UR Fit and our rec services, and have been involved in volunteering and clubs on campus.

So, my first little tidbit of advice: just stick to it! We’re in the midst of our semester now, and trust me, I know how terrible it feels right now due to midterms and the realization that yes, those final papers are actually beginning to creep up on us! I myself missed my favourite tv show yesterday because of all of it! 🙂 But, in all seriousness, the years here FLY by, and university is a great growing experience. I love my independence, and am proud of how much I’ve grown since beginning university. So, yes, we can get through it, and we tend to forget the bad stuff, and teasure the excellent memories!

Talk soon,


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Posted by on October 17, 2012 in University Success


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