HELP! The Best Campus Has to Offer

23 Oct

Hello everyone,

Has everybody taken a tour of campus? Found all of your best tools here? If I were to make a list of the 5 most useful places on campus, it would look something like this:

  1. URSU (Students’ Union): Riddell Centre Room 221- they can answer pretty much any question! They have information on student advocates, campus life and events, bus passes, and so much more
  2. Students’ Union Bookstore: You can buy or sell your textbooks here for an excellent deal! Maximize your cash! They only have the bookstore at the beginning of the semesters though, in the multipurpose room in Riddell beside Henderson’s Café.
  3. The Archer Library: If you have not had a tour of the library yet, make sure you do! They can show you how to do effective research both online, and in the library, awesome study nooks (I love the archive room), photocopiers, and librarians that are so helpful and usually available to help you!
  4. Your faculty general office: I don’t know about your faculty, but the Education General Office has helped me in so many situations- organizing classes, exploring individualized programs, and even helping me find my way when I was lost!
  5. Student Success Centre/UR Guarantee: I have found so many opportunities that I didn’t even know existed on campus through my meetings here, and hugely value the support and advice that I have been given through these programs.

Some of these places I wish I’d found my first semester of university! Hope this helps some of you? Or have you found other favourites? Let me know! Of course, you can find links to all of these places off the University homepage by searching them.


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Posted by on October 23, 2012 in University Success


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