Yay! Finals! (Hey, it means you’re almost done!)

30 Nov

Hello everyone, I assume that you are all much too busy studying, scrambling, and completing assignments galore to read this blog post?! Maybe not. Well, we’re almost finished! Only 2 more days of classes. And if this is your first semester at university, you’re in for an interesting experience of finals. Some observations I’ve made that have proven to be helpful: 1. Try out a variety of ways of studying—do you learn best with drawings (try making webs to remember concepts, or timelines for dates), listening? (try recording your voice summarizing your notes on your laptop and replay it), or doing? Study with people (just make sure it is with peers that you can actually study with, and not get distracted by!) and think in terms of examples. Concrete situations will help you recall the theoretical or abstract topics content better when associated with examples.

And finally, you can tell if you know a concept fully only when you are able to teach it someone else. So, teach it! It doesn’t matter if it is a fellow classmate, a roommate, or your dog!

Then, trust yourself. That you’ve studied. That you’re smart. That you’re prepared. Stress hinders us in most situations, including exams. I realize it’s easier said than done, but try to breathe!

And, as always, stay healthy and active to keep you invigorated, and enjoy a little Christmas fun once in a while to get you in the mood for the season, too!


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Posted by on November 30, 2012 in University Success


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