Welcome Home

06 Jan

Hello everyone!

Sorry I jumped ship for awhile! I never intended to, but was loving my whole month of December off (and surprisingly, kept myself way too busy to blog, too)! This was me for a portion of it:


Yes, thought I’d rub it in just a little! Don’t worry, I’m back here in the snow with all of you now… I hope you all had a restful break, as well, and are prepared to begin a new semester. It is nice to go home, but there’s something a little exciting about returning to school, too. Maybe it’s because we feel more confident going into the winter semester (you’ve done it all once already, right?!). So, now it’s the time for new resolutions, and you’re going to ace this upcoming semester even more than the last? Sounds good! 🙂 Hey, if you’re still here, that means you’ve made it through your semester and that’s commendable, so give yourself a pat on the back, but continue to strive for even better!

So, I suppose for some “wisdom”: two pieces.

1. Now that you’re settled into a routine, try something new, that you’ve always wanted to do (or never dreamt of doing!)– maybe join a campus club, or UR Fit class, or residence event if you live on campus. You know where things are on campus, how much time you can commit, and probably know at least one person you can convince to accompany you if you’re nervous (although if you don’t, don’t worry– people are generally welcoming around campus, I’ve found)!

2. Sell and buy your textbooks at the Student’s Union bookstore! I’m sure I’ve said this one before, but it’s definitely worth it, and I feel so much better knowing that my money is going to another student! Take your books as soon as possible, and if you’re looking for some, check often. The sale starts tomorrow (Jan 7).

Good luck, welcome back, and have an awesome semester.

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