EPE 310 Response 1: Outcome Based Curriculum

11 Jan

In regards to outcome based curriculum, I do not believe I know very much. Maybe it is one of those terms that I know more about than I think I do! I know what each individual word in the term means, and can make a pretty good guess as to what it is, but cannot confirm if any of it is accurate, or if there is more involved in it than I will mention. I’ve had little exposure to the term, to say the least. So, here is my prediction as to the meaning:

  1. It is a curriculum that focuses on what the overall goal of the learning is. “What will I know when I’m done?”
  2. Therefore, it keeps the end in sight.
  3. The process is not valued quite as highly.
  4. They are defined goals for all students.
  5. They give direction for students and teachers.
  6. They can be quite open-ended.
  7. They drive instruction, but do not dictate the how (methods) of instruction.

I hope that through this semester, I can revise this list by taking off aspects that are less accurate, expand heavily on some items, and add further points.

Now a note about our first class, and playing in the gymnasium. I viewed it as simply that– playing. The opportunity to run around with classmates, participate, and be active, was a refreshing change when we sit for hours on end in classrooms together but rarely get to move! I had done most of those activities with children before (the pool noodle race and ball toss and catch in particular), but had done them in a context outside of a Physical Education class, and had never considered integrating them into a class setting, so I am now beginning to brainstorm what other games or activities I’ve used that could be adapted for a class!

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