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14 Jan

Hello all!

Today’s post is about technology. It seems all of my classes are discussing and utilizing it now, so why not me too? Plus, this post can be like doing homework and mentor work all in one! I’ve reviewed these three apps that could help you with your studies:

Study Blue—this app looked really neat. I found it challenging to decipher how much good content was on it, as the flashcards that I was using were made by others, and from classes I am not taking. However, the flashcards on them were really neat (you could sort them from hardest to easiest, re-study the ones you got wrong, etc), favourite lists, an abundance of study materials for most academic disciplines, and much more. You can list your school as the University of Regina to see if people from your classes have made flashcards. My advice for this one might be to make your own flashcards or use someone’s from your section, though, so that you know you’re studying everything you need to be. Not all English 100 professors will test the same thing.. Also, if you make your own flashcards, that’s studying in itself! And now you can study standing in line at the grocery store!

Easy Bib—great for books. I tried a textbook, children’s book, novel, and even a daily devotional book. Only one book I tried didn’t work. Sucks for all other things that go on your bibliography though (websites, articles, etc)… As always, be cautious, and double check all references just in case. Computers don’t know everything. An alternative that I would suggest and I personally use for everything is Again, you have to watch it to be certain, sometimes have to add certain details on your own, or edit a few spots, but I have rarely had an issue with it and I’ve used it countless times. It can do articles, books, web pages, or other resources. I find it better than Refworks.

iStudiez—I really liked this app. Maybe that’s the organizer in me, but you can input all of your academic workload. Put in your classes, assignments, group meetings, study groups, exams, and everything else into it, check it off when you’re done, and prioritize what you need to. The only drawback that I noticed was that the free version only gives you 3 courses. To purchase the full app is only $2.99 though.

I’ve linked all of the pictures to the online versions of the apps, too. All three of them you can use online instead of in “app form,” so no need to worry if you don’t have an iPhone, or simply prefer your computer.

Next week I’ll share some of my favourite websites and internet settings for studying, and of course, study breaks!

Have a great week,


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