Goals of the Physical Education Program (EPE)

20 Jan

This week’s class was a lot of fun and the hour flew by, which I was not expecting, as those 30 second intervals for circuit training were starting to feel like a lifetime! I was sore for two days afterwards, I am not embarrassed to admit!

My roommate and I have begun a better gym workout schedule again this week, and we’ve had a few discussions about physical fitness and Physical Education classes in school. We maintain that we felt ill-equipped for activity in the real world after finishing high school. I do not know how to properly workout in a gym setting in order to respect the equipment, but also myself. This is especially true because I have a type of knee pain syndrome and need to be careful in regards to what I do. However, I also felt my Phys Ed class did not provide me with types of experiences that are commonly accessible to adults in the community, such as hiking or yoga. I would love to see students learning how to do skills that could prepare them to be adaptable in a variety of environments so that they can be confident and excited to continue seeking physical activity opportunities after school. Therefore, I was really excited when we began to discuss in class the goals of the Physical Education program: active living, skillful movement, and relationships. These completely embody what I hope Phys Ed could be, and my anxiety is partially relieved when I see that the ministry supports these goals, too. I also think teachers truly are trying to move in this direction. It will just take time.

I think it is interesting to see how goals of physical education have changed, and fit the social fabric. For example, it has been used as a show of class (Ancient Greeks, for example), to maintain culture (sports, dances, etc), entertainment, for educational and health value, and quite often, it has been used for military training (not only in Nazi Germany by any means, although this is a common example). And look at where we are now! Hmm.

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