Trying Out Our Skills (EPE)

28 Jan

Well, this week’s class went quite quickly. I really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time in small groups working through the basic movement skills. It was surprising how many of the movements we could do but not explain sufficiently or simply. There were also ones, such as rolling, that we were not able to perform at all. With others we were unaware of some key elements. For example, running—we did not know for certain if a person is supposed to run and land on the ball of the foot or the heel. Another example might be which way to swing your arms when you jump backwards. We each did it differently! It seemed obvious until we began considering it. Of course, there were other movements that we were confident in and fully capable of giving good descriptions for. We also discussed the difference between being able to perform the movements and being able to teach them. More complex than we first think. Certainly, we found going through the movements, breaking them down, and considering how we could begin to create checklists to assess them to be valuable time spent.

And to conclude, a fun, practical resource suggestion:

A resource that I really like to use, and I’m sure most of you have used (but if you have not, do check it out!) is PE Central. Although I find I usually have to heavily adapt their lessons, or add in my own ideas to complete them, there are some great ideas for Phys Ed. They also have Health lessons, adaptations, assessment ideas, PreK resources, and much more. One area that I have really enjoyed using was the Physical Education dance lessons. For a number of these lessons there are videos that you can watch. I find this much easier to follow than foot maps or written directions. Happy exploring.

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