The Mess My Mind Is In (EPE)

04 Mar

I have two thoughts for you all today, just because I wanted to touch on both.

Photo Credit: Vegas ER via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Vegas ER via Compfight cc

First of all, I am getting very excited to plan my summer already. Yes, maybe a bit too soon, but I’m okay with that! Regardless, this is the first summer that I will not be working at camp. When I worked there, my activity level was always high. I often ran to clear my head on the dirt roads in the dewy morning, led campers on nature hikes, swam with kids, played games, and raced to a cabin that had a problem. There was no lack of exercise. However, now that I will be working full time at a desk job and taking summer classes, I need to set strong plans or I fear my summer will waste away with inactivity. I intend on hiking some weekends, and canoeing some weekends, but I want some routine exercise, too. I am hoping to find a dragon boat team and do either Aqua Zumba or lane swimming, but am restricted from doing some things due to a knee syndrome I have. For example, I am not supposed to run. Do any of you have any unique suggestions for summer exercise that may be fun to try? I’d love some inspiration!

Also, while completing my Curriculum Understanding assignment, I refrained from including assessment originally, as I did not feel certain of what to include for my lesson. We also discussed it in class, which provided some clarity. Upon further investigation while working on our ECS Creative Assessment presentation, too, I found this neat conversation posed by another pre-service teacher asking, “Should we grade in PE?” The handful of replies that this question receives is interesting. All agree that feedback is the most valuable, but some stress that the “knowledge” in Physical Education needs to be more valued, while another would like to focus on living a “healthy lifestyle,” while still another would like to focus on “attitudes.” Go have a look, feel free to add your opinion on the site, or share with us here.

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