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Last Week of Third Year (EPE & URG)

So, overall, what are my top three lessons in my third year of elementary education?

  1. No teacher is perfect, and there is not always a simple solution. However, especially as pre-service teachers, no one expects us to be flawless. That is a huge relief.
  2. It takes baby steps. No method or strategy is going to work seamlessly the first time if the students are not used to it. Take inquiry learning or brain breaks, for examples. If the students are not accustomed to them, they probably won’t go very well the first time. But that doesn’t mean you should toss them! It means you have to work with them step-by-step and set routines to help them get where you want them to be.
  3. You learn a LOT on the job. I feel that I’ve learned so much from pre-internship, can only imagine everything I’ll gain from internship, and can’t even fathom what a journey I’ll be in for in my first couple of years teaching!

What I’ve learned specifically from EPE:

I would love your input in regards to if you, too, have learned some of these things, feedback on my video, or new learnings and insights!

Have a great summer, fellow Section 20 and good luck in the fall! URG, I’ll keep in touch with you once more for an update on the mentorship program!