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Where the Semester Begins

This is the second time I am writing this post, as WordPress decided to clear it the first time. As well as not add my pictures. Not a happy camper!

BUT, YAY! A new semester! I have been looking forward to this semester since Grade 12! I am in my internship!

My first meeting at the school went something like this in June: Found out afterwards fieldsthat I traveled almost a kilometer on a one-way street. Going the wrong way. And I went through the stop sign. The benefits of a new community! However, I got to the school and the entrance was so bright and open. I immediately felt more at ease. Because I don’t believe it is instrumental to understanding this journey, I will call this community “Sunshine, SK.” The school I will call “St. Nicholas Elementary” just because I love Christmas! My coop teacher can be Mrs. James. The community is a larger one, but I am living on a farm 20 minutes outside of this community. There’s your background for the year. Now let’s get back to the experience.

One teacher walked by as I walked in. He had no idea who I was and probably didn’t really care, but said, “Good morning! How are you?” and smiled. I thought that was a wonderful welcome to this strange place. My coop graciously introduced me to everyone, and each person seemed genuinely happy to meet me. That was a great treat. I was introduced to her students this year, and helped out in the classroom for ELA. Lots of fun!

Mrs. James has been teaching for many years, but I am her first intern, so she is very flexible and eager to work with me. She is allowing me to choose any subject and outcome to start the year off with! I chose Social Studies “Conflict & Divergent Viewpoints.”

This week was some PD, a divisional faith day, planning, and my first ever staff meeting! I feel as if I should be more nervous than I am, but I am truly just excited!!

I am also loving my new home. I’ve made some furry friends, as you’ll see.

Welcome back to school everyone, and keep posted on my internship adventures (the ups and the downs)!

PS- Sorry the pictures are so large and make reading a bit difficult. Apparently WordPress really has issues with me today!

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