A Quick Pace

06 Oct

Well, what’s new this week? That’s a difficult question! This week flew by.

My biggest challenges continue to be feeling like I am not helping each student succeed sufficiently. However, also, as I am wrapping up two units in the next week as well as adding other subjects, I feel I am forever planning. I know I don’t have to reinvent the wheel and my coop has provided me with great ideas and resources, but it’s still a matter of finding that wheel in the midst of a …haystack?! Last weekend I finally had to leave it all behind and refresh. I was sick (ya, something all interns end up having by the end of their first month. I thought I would be the exception. False.) and I needed to get rested and healthy. It helped this week go more smoothly because I was more at ease.

 My “shining” moment of the week was when a group of students were discussing me (they didn’t think I was in ear shot). There were about five of them concerned about what would happen when I leave. One said, “It would be really cool if Miss Van Kannel could graduate university and then come back here and teach us in Grade 4 next year!” One student who I thought despised me (I am always after him to sit down, or stop talking, or to try working on his assignment, or to have “hands off”) asked me today, “Do you really have to go back? Where? For how long? Where are you going after that? Are you coming here?” It made me think that I’ve had a positive influence already on at least a handful of kids. That counts for something. Also, the students are beginning their final projects for the first Social unit and some of the things that they are thinking about in regards to conflict and conflict resolution are awesome! I couldn’t have expected better! That’s exciting to see!


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