People Meant to Help

27 Oct

Hello everyone!
Sorry it’s been a long time. With Thanksgiving tossed into the mix, fall suppers in the community, and simple (or not-so-simple) daily life, I’ve been a bit distracted.

All I want to do in this post is thank those that have supported me. Truly, throughout my university field experiences, I have had nothing but amazing people that have come alongside me. This includes coop teachers and faculty advisors, as well as profs. They have been instrumental.P1030291edit2

This week my faculty advisor came to watch me teach for an hour and a half. It was a Friday, it had been a rough week, and I was exhausted and frustrated. I was feeling like I couldn’t do anything right and was ready to throw in the towel for a few days. However, after teaching a couple of lessons that I felt were mediocre at best, my faculty advisor showered me with praise. He prides himself on giving nothing less than honest, professional observations so I knew he thought he was totally being genuine. Still, I told him blatantly that I disagreed. Anyway, long story short, I accepted his opinion as an encouragement that I’m doing the best I can, and it’s a pretty awesome best. I’m still not thrilled, but I am more at ease that just maybe I am okay.

So far as I can tell, the university has done a pretty good job at hiring their faculty advisors for us. And for that I am truly grateful. I think we can use all the confidence we can get, and it’s nice to feel someone is rooting for us! They don’t really have a whole lot of say in your evaluation (the bulk is your coop teacher), so you feel more at ease allowing them to watch and take notes for you. They are simply there to give you feedback. And my biggest realization is that their expectations aren’t unrealistic. They are so encouraging and I’ve always felt better after they’ve visited. I don’t think we’d survive very long in this profession if we didn’t have someone that we could seek out for affirmations, encouragement, and advice. 🙂    THANK YOU, ENCOURAGERS & SUPPORTERS!

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Posted by on October 27, 2013 in University Success


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