The Daily Good: Keeping Positivity the Core

03 Nov


We’re getting close to a day off! Everyone excited? Granted, I am a huge advocate for remembering why we have any given day off, and Remembrance Day is no exception. Dedicate a chunk of time to remember. Take a few moments, say a prayer, or thank a veteran. I am getting my class to write thank you letters to veterans.

I start my three week block this Monday. That means I teach all subjects full time and take on all the responsibilities my coop teacher has. In addition to this, I am continuing on with my extra-curricular commitment of drama club twice a week (we’re starting some hard work on the Christmas play)! We also do supervision once a week. I believe I am prepared as far as planning is concerned, but I am petrified! It’s such a big jump and I think back to my pre-internship three week block when I thought teaching one unit (once a day) was an amazing feat!!! A lot changes in 8 months!

In the midst of all this, I’ve felt a bit underwater, I suppose one could say. After a full and crazy day at school and nearly three or four hours of planning each night (yes, it still takes me a LOT longer than a full-fledged teacher might), I was finding it hard to keep some perspective. After talking to a great friend, I started a “Daily Good List” photo1in which I remain consciously aware of all the good things that happen in a day, or for which I am grateful, and intentionally put the bad or discouraging behind me. In the evening, I jot them down. It’s helping more than I thought I would. Not only am I physically taking account of the good, but I’m also watching more closely for it during the whole day. I believe that it will be even more useful after I have a full couple of pages! Profs and teachers have advised us to do the same in the past, but I’ve never truly considered it. I wish I had earlier. Although maybe now is the best time. Keep it in mind. Maybe you’re in Education and it’ll make all the difference when your class seems to be totally unreceptive. Maybe you’re in another faculty and it’ll still help you keep perspective and hold tight to your positivity! I think it’s a good outlook to have no matter your walk.

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