Feeling Accomplished

17 Nov

Well, hello everyone!

I am done my first eight days of full-time teaching! Ahhh! Such an enormous sense of accomplishment! I will be the first to admit there were moments of absolute insanity, periods of exhaustion, and I was ready to cry more than once, but I came out alive. I have continued to make big leaps in my confidence and ability to manage the whole class.

My Social unit continues to be my favourite part of the week, and the kids are loving it, and learning some great things. This last week we learned about shelter and homes in communities around the world. We talked about what things we would need to consider if we were building a house in Canada (it gets very cold, we have wood, bricks, glass, concrete to use as materials, we usually live with our immediate family, etc). Then, we got to draw our “blueprint.” After this, each student got a list of supplies and considerations and they had to design their own. The following day, we looked at real homes from the communities that they sketched a blueprint of and learned a little more. They were so interested and proud of their houses! One student was even ecstatic when she found a book during our library period on “Homes Around the World” and promptly began reading it.

Poppies KidsI also got the kids to write letters to veterans for Remembrance Day – they were SO excited to see the name they got, and the things that they shared with their veterans were so cute! They also made mixed media (glue designs, paper, cloth, tissue paper, etc) poppies to go with their letters. “My favourite game is Dodgeball. What is your favourite game? Do you like dodgeball too?”

I am also busy getting ready for our Christmas concert – both the play in Drama club, as well as our class song. So exciting! Report cards are going home this week (another adventure – I was exclusively responsible for two subjects and those marks, effort score, and comments). This week we have tri-conferencing (new style replacing parent-teacher interviews), so that will be another interesting first. The year is speeding up and I will be done before I know it – I registered for my last semester of university this past week! Eek!

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