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Optimistic Future

Hi all!

Sorry it’s been so long. It took quite some getting used to transitioning back into university from internship. Everyone said, “You will not want to go back to being a student.” I didn’t believe them at all. I missed parts of school, and I love being a student. “It will be so hard to find your motivation for assignments again.” Again, didn’t believe it. How wrong I was! It took exactly a month to settle into a routine again, and after completing all the seasons of “Sherlock” within two weeks I am just now resuming my responsibilities….!IMGP0148

I hope midterms are going well. For some, it probably feels old hat already. I love this semester because it feels so wonderfully short and easy after making it through the fall semester. Here comes February break already!

As you probably know, I am very invested in the mentorship program. I had an awesome experience working alongside a new student last year, have enjoyed blogging, and attending events. So… I am hearing lots of exciting plans for the remainder of the year, as well as what is coming up for next fall! Start thinking about what role you might have! And also stay tuned for more great updates! It takes ALL of us to make OUR university a good place.

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