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Earthquakes, Educators & Excitement

I didn’t want to blog. I don’t like blogging. I spend too much time on formatting and frustration. But…. Here I am because it truly is the easiest way of combining pictures, sources, and stories.IMG_0024

My Grade 1 Classroom - Ready for Kiddos on Tuesday! I love my rocking chair already.

My Grade 1 Classroom – Ready for Kiddos on Tuesday! I love my rocking chair already.

Cultural tidbits:

– Preparing for our school’s Open House, I’ve had to deal with 3 cockroaches. Ya. I’ve been promoted from Canadian spider-stomper to Nicaraguan cockroach-crusher. Okay, no, I haven’t. I’ll be honest. I squealed until someone came to kill 2 and only picked up one dead one. Baby steps. Oh, and Nica spiders (like tarantulas) have demoted me from even spider-stomper to 4-year-old baby. We have two lizards living in our home named Sophia and Winston. I’ve come to tolerate them.

The view from my bedroom window and balcony.

The view from my bedroom window and balcony.

– The showers are heated by mixing the water and electricity in the shower head. Yikes. They’re nicknamed widow-makers. However, I don’t take heated showers anyway. I. Am. Hot. Otherwise there is no hot water for dishes or sinks.

– I was morbidly excited to experience my first earthquake (just a little one, nothing major, please). We had one with 10 tremors only about 1 km deep. Very scary stuff. Except I missed every. single. tremor. School was still cancelled for the week as a precaution though (we’re not in session yet, so we were not affected, but the national schools were).

– I quite like Nica food. My favourite so far was called Buñuelos de Yuca y Queso (Yuca and Cheese Fritters) – this is what our dessert was one day. It is just grated yucca mixed with a dry cheese and deep fried. Then a honey, cinnamon-type sauce is poured over top. They were AMAZING.

Lessons & Learnings, Prayers & Praises:


– The parents of my students seem wonderful – I’ve received many encouragements, kindnesses, and care.

– I am as healthy as ever! This is probably my biggest praise report. With all of the changes to diet and drinking water, as well as immense stress and weather changes and all other factors (including mosquitoes and their many diseases!), I feel great and haven’t been sick once. I typically get sick as soon as one person coughs around me so this is great.

– The school and Quinta Allyson (the complex I live in) communities are full of amazing people that serve in many great ways, and one small part of their service has been demonstrated to me and the other newbies in immense kindness. There is no way I could have done it without them.

Our House - Quinta Allyson #5 -pretty, isn't it?

Our House – Quinta Allyson #5 -pretty, isn’t it?


– The language barrier between myself and parents (as well as several students) still seems insurmountable. Even with translation, I don’t feel it’s the most effective way to communicate and minister. So, part of this is that I need to accept that, for now, love speaks above language and that I grow in my ability to show God’s love.

– I have a very mixed group of students – many unique situations (granted, is there any other kind of class?! No.) However, I believe they can use all the prayers you’d like to offer up for them, especially in spiritual growth, as well as educational , this year. And for strength, wisdom, and kindness for their teacher!

I’ll leave it at that for this week, as I’m thinking I’ve lost a good chunk of you already! Kudos if you hung in there. Thank you all for your support and encouragement in this!

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