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My Homemade Thanksgiving Decorations

My Homemade Thanksgiving Decorations

So, while everyone back home has recently celebrated Thanksgiving and taken a moment to be thankful, I was in the minority here in celebrating! However, I genuinely do have so much to be thankful for. I was able to participate with the other Canadian missionaries in the surrounding area and it was WONDERFUL. We even talked about harvest and snow at the supper table. It was my first Thanksgiving ever away from our large family gatherings and this community opened their arms and hearts, giving me hugs and cheering me on in my first year here!

As I write this, I do not have access to running water or internet, but this post is about thankfulness, and frankly, it’s really not a big deal to not have those things. I’ve even started to look forward to the days that we come home and have limited access – no water means I don’t have to do the dishes tonight, no internet means I can read and pray or go for a walk around the compound instead of being tempted to watch a movie or do schoolwork, no gas means I get an excuse to make a simple meal instead of cooking. No electricity means… I sweat too much with no fan on? I have yet to discover a way to be grateful for that. I am grateful that having no power is infrequent. That’s all. I know that these periods of limited access are short and temporary. I am grateful for that. I am one of the fortunate minorities in this country.

A Parrot!I am beginning to account more for the simple blessings that my life here provides. I have so much. I have a bookshelf. It’s empty. I have nothing on it because I own very little here. But I kind of like that reminder. I’m thrilled to see those four books on it and it’s open for other possibilities. We’ll see if I fill it one day. I may not. I don’t need to.

Ahhh! Run!Update: At the time of writing, I had no water. Then we had TOO much water (see photo) – it flooded our house top to bottom with a good inch of water in the middle of the night. Now, at the time of publishing, we have NO water or electricity again for the foreseeable future, and no house. In the spirit of thankfulness, the complex people moved us into a temporary place and have been wonderful in helping us to feel at home. My school, too, was so supportive, and allowed me a day off to get re-settled and sort through all the complexities of the flooding mess. My classroom also started leaking in three different places during the middle of my parent teacher conferences from a tropical storm. The parents helped me put out buckets. It was a positive bonding opportunity? Enough water for me for DAYS!


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