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One of my students has a lot of challenges that makes school tough for him. One of these is that he has a maximum focus span of 2 minutes to the second (we’ve timed it in all activities from playing on the playground, to reading one on one, to watching a movie). However, one day he got down on his knees in the middle of writing class, bowed his head, and closed his eyes for a solid three minutes. As he was getting up off his knees I asked him what he was doing. He said, “Pray,” with the most joyful expression on his face. IMG_0613

This same student has incredibly low English and he has an extremely limited vocabulary, terrible word order, and low comprehension. But, he LOVES to pray. He is always one of the first to offer a word of praise, thanksgiving, or petition. This week he prayed for us at the end of the school day. He said, “God, you are strong. God, you are beautiful.” I don’t know where he got those words from – me, the Holy Spirit, chapel, or what. But THAT’S what he chooses to say in all of his limited vocabulary. He has immense trouble stringing a sentence together to tell me what he did on the weekend, but a prayer of praise with beautiful simplicity flows out of him with ease. What a precious moment.

IMG_0614My kids also had to vote on their favourite read-aloud for our library’s World Book Day. Guess what they chose completely on their own? The book of Judges…. We’ve been studying it in Bible class and they don’t want to leave for recess, they are so into the awesome stories.

This week we had grape juice and crackers while we sat in our community circle (a sharing circle) for a farewell party for one of their classmates and one student asked, “Is this like community at church?” I didn’t know what she was talking about and then I realized, “You mean communion?”  “Yes.”  “No. We are having a snack. Not communion.” But I turned my back for two minutes to refill cups and the whole class had their glasses raised, saying, “To Jesus! Yay! To Jesus! Yay!” Yes, we toast to Jesus in Grade 1 and pick the book of Judges as our all-time favourite read-aloud… What crazy kids I have. And these are just some of the examples. On Friday alone they immediately wanted to tie our story about a little chick who did something big to our Bible verse from several weeks ago (1 Timothy 4:12 – “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young…”) and one student applied a lesson about not giving up because God is supporting you in a very real, scary situation in her life.  

I love that my students are growing up together – from many countries, from many churches, from many perspectives, but united in Jesus. They are surrounded with prayer – from their parents, from us as a staff, from you, from me, and from one another. They are growing up excited for Jesus and prayer to be such a part of their play, their lessons, their read-alouds, their thoughts, and their day, that the transition from one to another is not abnormal to them. I think that’s because they’re so enveloped in prayer. Join with me in praying that they maintain that joy, passion, and curiosity in Jesus.

This is not mentioning the joy, the blessings, the gifts, and the miracles I’ve been apart of because of prayer this year. The examples are countless. Thank you for your prayer support of me and this ministry. The fruits are evident.


Note the “Emen!”  I didn’t say their spelling and phonics was strong…! Haha