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I Never Thought I’d Ever… First Year Reflections

I Never Thought I’d Ever…

have a monkey brought for show and tell.

witness water gushing out of my electrical sockets and live to tell the tale.

hear and see rolling waves of lava.



vacation on a secluded Caribbean island for less than $500 (and snorkel with sharks and shipwrecks).get sent home from school unexpectedly due to political rioting.

have an actual earthquake evacuation.

want to go to the movies for a reason other than the movies. #AC

have a showerhead that catches fire and pitches smoke at me.

participate in a corrupt system by paying off a police officer to escape a fraudulent fine.

have a shower every day under something called a widow-maker.

have every creature on God’s green earth fly through or live in my classroom (iguanas, bats, birds, rats, ants, geckos, beetles, cockroaches, termites, and butterflies, to name a few).

watch a volcano erupt from our school office.

teach in 39-degree heat without AC (not counting humidity).

run 12 miles each week.          (in tropical 84% humidity and heat, too!)

get used to going to sleep to karaoke music.

sweat all the time.

be cold in 24-degree weather.

have a mariachi band hired for Teacher Appreciation Day.

love eating food from a stranger’s backyard for $1. Yum.


The year has come to an end. There were four of us single girls venturing into teaching and living here in Nicaragua for the first time together. It was so great to have them in this experience with me. So, we sat down and compiled this list of all of the interesting things from the year. All of them I personally experienced alongside them. What a year!

On another note, I made the kids celebrate Canada Day with me (June 1 instead of July 1) at school. We had beaver tails, sang the anthem in French and English, watched the RCMP Musical Ride, learned about Ogopogo and inukshuks, learned some French, and played hockey. The kids were absolutely hilarious and had a BLAST. They are begging to play hockey again soon.

A lot has been learned and experienced this year. I am excited to see what next year brings!


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