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A Day in the Life of Miss Van Kannel

I didn’t quite know where to start for a blog post for this month. Then, Auntie Debbie asked for a “Day in the Life of Miss Van Kannel.” Perfect! So, here you are:

4:50 – Alarm goes off.

5:00 – 5-ish km run (This doesn’t sound all that exciting, but trust me, it can be. Dogs of all sizes and demeanors run out after us at any given time. You run in groups for safety (not just from the dogs), yell “HEY!” and slow to a walk until you pass the dogs. Also, the roads along our route are a mix of pavement, brick cobblestone-type things, and dirt with MANY potholes and deep ruts (think: completely impassible by most vehicles). There are also countless strange smells. Most not good. Then the mystery liquid puddles (sanitation isn’t the same here by any stretch of the imagination). And sometimes people who like to call encouragement at us (admittedly, we stand out – 7 white girls running in Nica draws some attention).

6:20 – Leave for school. Prepare for the day in the quiet classroom.

6:50 – Prayer/fellowship/testimony time that I take with an amazing Nicaraguan woman in our school’s prayer garden

7:00 – Whole staff devotions (I have to lead one week each year.)

7:20 – Kids start entering the classroom. We do morning calendar, jobs, and prayer.

7:45 – Some of my students leave for English Language classes. While only 7 out of 27 of my students are native English speakers, some of the Spanish kids no longer require intensive, small group language practice, so I keep 16 kids.

8:30 – Reading! My favourite time of the day. The students work at various centres and I get to meet with students in groups of 2-4 to focus their reading instruction.

9:15 – Writing, Snack. Woo. Normal stuff.15086200_10211452959829872_971651933_n

9:45 – Spanish. My students have 50 minutes of Spanish each day. They split into classes depending on their level of Spanish (native speakers, intermediate, and Spanish as a Second Language). This is when I do the vast majority of my prep (responding to emails, planning, cutting, photocopying, researching, and any other number of duties).

10:30 – Snack and Recess

10:45 – Math – I have a Grade 12 student assistant in my classroom during this time. She wants to be a teacher when she’s done school, so I am trying to mentor her and give her some small teaching opportunities. She is amazing.

11:45 – Bible – One of the kids’ favourite times of the day. We do worship, prayer, stories, service projects, reflections, and much more.

12:15 – Story! Another good time of day!

12:30 – Lunch & recess

1:00 – Science or Social (I teach each for half a year). Also pretty normal.

1:50 – “Specials” – it rotates as to what the kids have during this time (Computers, Art, PE, or Music). I usually have one meeting or another (with parents, the Special Ed team, or admin) during this time.

2:30 – Prayer & dismissal

2:45 – Depends on the day. I tutor a Grade 4 student on Mondays and Thursdays, attend a Spanish class on Tuesdays, and am starting an after-school dance class on Wednesdays. Fridays I usually hightail it out of there!

13958142_10154469457802276_7538222767385952983_o4:00 – Head for home

4:30 – Repack my lunch and get supper on

6:00 – Do schoolwork to get ready for the next day.

8:00 – Get ready to wind down and relax.

9:00 – Sleep.

And get ready to repeat!

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