I Never Thought I’d Ever: Year 2 Edition

24 May

I Never Thought I’d Ever:


The ladies of Grade 1. I do not exaggerate when I say I wouldn’t have survived this year without each one of these precious, loving, Jesus-filled women.

  1. Have enough new experiences in this same country in this same job to fill another entire year with crazy experiences!
  2. Love as deeply as I have this year- both my students and the colleagues surrounding me.
  3. Want to, or actually complete, a half marathon.
  4. Hurt so terribly.
  5. Heal so carefully.
  6. Fear so greatly.
  7. Trust so wholly.
  8. Sled down a volcano.
  9. See hummingbirds, toucans, and parakeets mere feet from my face.
  10. Have my house flood so completely and so frequently with each days’ rain. Ya, I didn’t think that after last year’s flood water could keep coming!
  11. Have to deal with storms, lice, centipedes, beetles, and mice all in a single day. Not to mention the additional tarantulas, cockroaches, and other critters.
  12. Own a cat. Even if only temporarily.
  13. Eat octopus.
  14. Eat fresh mangos, avocados, and coconut from my own yard all in one weekend.
  15. Freeze my patootie off in this country.
  16. Have a parasite.

And a couple highlight stories from May:

When we learned about David and Goliath I told the kids that whoever beat Goliath didn’t have to pay taxes (among other rewards). Well, the kids had to re-enact the story and the boy who was playing Saul said, “If you kill Goliath you don’t have to pay for taxis.” HAHAHAHAHA!


This has been SUCH an adventurous, interesting class that has taught me oodles about life, love, and learning. And they’ve certainly thrown pretty much everything I know about teaching out the window!


Also, one dear student strokes my back and says, “Don’t stress, Miss Van Kannel, don’t stress,” whenever I’m upset with the boys. How can you stress with her around?!

Part of their Bible homework one week was to write a question they had about faith and ask it to their parents. One student shared with the class that she asked her mom if she had a connection with God. She told her mom, “I know I have a connection with Him because when I sing worship, I feel God calling my name, like Samuel felt. My Mom said she felt a connection too. She feels a connection to God when she reads the Bible.” WOW. What a powerful question and testimony from such a young child. I asked the kids how they feel connected to God.


Camping isn’t a thing here, so we made our own camp with a real campfire, some good old camp songs, and s’mores OF COURSE!

Oodles of hands went up and they came up with more ideas than I ever would’ve (worship, reading, talking about God, telling others about Him, praying, being with their families, learning about Him). So cool. I also had them pray for each other this week in groups of two and two boys went on their knees with their heads bowed, eyes closed, grasping one another’s folded hands, and with their foreheads touching. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I wished so desperately someone else had been in the room to see or that I’d had my phone on me to take a picture. But I suppose the moment wouldn’t have been the same then. I learn so much from them every day.

The year is coming to a close and I will be off to Canada for a short break and then back to Nica for language school and some work with some Spanish missions. Woo! Keep me in your prayers!


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