Two (or 29) Learners

03 Feb

When one teachesGood grief. I am exhausted at the end of a week. Every Friday night I sleep at least 11 hours. And I usually try to sneak in a good, long afternoon nap on Saturdays, too. And as teachers, we always try to suppose why. The heat? The language? The hours? I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, I think a big part is the LEARNING! My brain is tired! The quote to the left speaks volumes about how I feel about teaching.

On our planning day at the beginning of the new semester, I sat down and researched new strategies and current studies, resources, and suggestions to engage students in learning and support students who are struggling behaviourally, academically, or socially. I had a master plan, I tell you. And I thought it was bullet-proof. Even spit-ball-proof. Then the students arrived the following day. Apparently it wasn’t Grade 5-proof…. And I was partly disheartened, partly bemused, and partly entertained. I guess I have more to learn. I’ve said it before and I don’t think there will be a day where I retract the statement: these little souls teach me more about faith, life, and learning than any other job ever could. I teach because I love to learn. My highest goal for my students leaving my classroom is always that they have come to love learning and have become more aware of how to learn. There will be time to memorize facts later.

This week we went on our Grade 4-6 overnight retreat. The theme was The Amazing Race, so I got to spend time with them all outside of our four classroom walls and it was lovely. Here are some pictures:

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