Easter Worship Arts

30 Mar

I am not a singer. I think those who sit around me in church probably don’t choose to do IMG_4985so two weeks in a row to get a break from my less-than-pleasant but ever-joyful sound! Therefore, the idea of worship being so much more than music has always been very important to me. In the days before school let out for Easter, I enlisted the help of a couple of fellow teachers, a high school volunteer, and a parent, and we set out to do a morning of Easter worship arts sessions with the kids. I was only able to take a few pictures. There are also some beautiful pieces that I didn’t get pictures of (such as the dance and many visual art). One of my students has been emailing me over the break with several pieces that he has continued to make since being out of school! This teacher’s heart is very, very well reminded of the joy of worship, Easter, and teaching!! 

As a celebration of this season, enjoy this small selection of some of these amazing pieces that were created with the truest hearts of worship. 


Visual Arts


Literary Arts












Your grace is ocean wide

We barely float in faith.

We reach you in love, our hope

growing deep. You died for us.

And with your power you raised

again. You never fail O Lord you gave


Digital Arts

your only Son.


Your power beyond the grave

You create our world, our people in

a single breath. We praise the king

Our king who conquered death by

your hand


Your grace redeems the souls

of millions. You’ve changed us you’ve changed

me, you changed the world.



From the night of peace, the peace of night.

To the night of horror, the horror of the night.

The cry of the Savior echoes through the dark of the night.

His breath brings silence across the land.

The only sound is that of the temple curtain. Ashamed of what he had contained inside, thrashed until he split clean in two. 

All was quite for three days and nights. 

Then out of the darkness one last cry,

“Christ is Risen!”


Luke psalms 119_105

Digital Arts


I can’t get the video to upload for the Music Session. Sad.  You can see three girls sang and two boys played “drums.” 




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