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Tech Task #10: LMS Evaluation

This week Paula, Kelsie, and I created a Google Doc together and worked alongside one another to learn how to use the sites, as well as to critique and analyze the positives and negatives the Learning Management Systems of Edmodo and Schoology. We had a lot of fun (me as a Grade 1 teacher), Kelsie (as a student), and Paula (as a parent).

I think that we came to the overall conclusion that we prefer Schoology to Edmodo. From a teacher’s perspective, I found Schoology was a lot more user-friendly and invited more interaction between teachers, parents, and students. I really enjoyed the submission, marking, and feedback tools on both sites. We created events, assignments, and discussion posts.You can find our entire list of likes and dislikes on this Google doc.

I think that parents and students would easily be maneuver through these sites because of their similarities to Facebook. However, I certainly think it would be difficult to do much “teaching” on them. I see myself using these tools more just for computer-based assignment submissions, and correspondence with parents than anything else. Although I suppose documents, videos, etc, can be posted to allow for that teaching aspect, I think that these sites are more designed to be communication devices.

We decided at the end to close our accounts on both sites so that if we want to use them for a class in the future we can begin fresh. It turned out to be the most difficult part of the sites!


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Tech Task RIP

So, in response to the video called “RIP!: A Remix Manifesto,” I chose to answer the following question:

Do you believe that creativity is limited if you don’t have access to tools, technology or libraries of content (i.e. musical samples or video clips)? Would your creativity be redirected into another medium, or might it cease to exist without this access?

First of all, I don’t believe creativity would cease to exist without access to content, or even if we hypothetically removed a person from all or any communication or influence from others. I believe that as humans, we are naturally creative. If you watch a child, or someone that is bored, one of the first instincts is to be creative- whether through art or another way, such as building or behaviour. I believe that people would indeed redirect their creativity in other ways.

However, I do believe that some people like to (and are most talented at) expressing their creativity through such channels as music, film, visual art, or dance that would be severely hindered without such tools, technologies, or libraries of content.

Others inspire us. They inspire us not always to conform, but more often, to be DIFFERENT. Without the inspiration that is widely available through technological tools such as the internet, our creativity is limited to those that we come into daily contact with. Creativity stems largely from perspective—and the more access to such tools, technology, and content that individuals have—the more perspectives they can understand, incorporate, and relate to. Broadening our creative base allows us to be more informed, more understanding, and citizens with a global focus—a goal any government should be proud to support.

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Tech Task #8- The Door Scene

This video I created with Paula and Kelsie. Of course, I lost our game of rock, paper, scissors, so I had to be the actor! We had quite the adventure filming throughout the university, and also had fun playing with irony through video. We learned how to find audio online, and used iMovie for the first time. We especially experimented with altering the volume levels so that the dripping water noises come through slightly.

Comments and suggestions are, as always, much appreciated!

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Tech Task #6: Storytelling

Five Card Story: The Adventures of Imagination

a Five Card Flickr story created by Alyshia

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by D’Arcy Norman

flickr photo by Serenae

There once were three children that had a day off of school. What to do? They decided to go exploring! Peeking through the back fence, they discovered a magnificent view of an unknown land, so on the count of three they jumped in: 1—2—3!!!

They explored this new land, and met a gentleman who welcomed them to this land and invited them to explore his church. They played there, and met some friends before they continued on their journey. Their next stop sent them into the clouds! Up, up, and AWAY! They soared like eagles, dove, twisted, and glided through the fluffy clouds. ZOOM!

Then Mom called, “It’s time for dinner! Come inside and wash up!”

In the distance, as they turned towards home, they could see an archway that led to a magical garden– their next adventure, surely!

This storytelling assignment was definitely interesting. I played around with various websites, and a variety of different methods that involved voice, text, photographs, or videos. I finally settled on this idea, because the idea of not knowing precisely what type of story will take shape until all of the photos is unique. I believe we, as teachers, too often require students to have their outline flawless before they begin their stories. I know I was always required to know the end before I began the beginning. I do not believe that that is always fair, and therefore, I like this style of storytelling.

However, I found it difficult to stray too far from the traditional definition of a “story.” If you noticed, my story is very traditional with a precise beginning, middle, and end, and could probably pass easily as a book in a classroom. Apparently I have a lot of room for growth regarding my considerations of storytelling!

Certainly, I believe that digital storytelling is a unique and engaging possibility for teachers and students alike, and could be easily used in a classroom.


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Tech Task #7: Audio Clip

This tech task was certainly an opportunity for many firsts. Surprisingly, it was not the first time that I had done a digital audio recording. However, it was my first time using Garageband, and my first time using a Mac, as well as a new experience of uploading it to the internet. I must say, it was a positive experience. This little piece took us about an hour to do (Paula, Kelsie, and myself), and it is pretty basic, but we were proud of everything that we had accomplished and learned. Feel free to offer comments and suggestions!



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Tech Task #5- Inspirational Image and Quote

This is my edited version of a photo with one of my favourite quotes reminding us how able children are, and also how able we are! Don’t give up on your dreams. I used Photoshop to do the editing.

Thanks to horizontal.inspiration for the use of the photo.


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Tech Task #4

This is our Mastercard commercial for Tech Task #4.


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