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Focusing and Working Towards What’s Best

Hi all!

I am so encouraged right now. Yes, there are global warming worries, bullying, war, poverty, and the list truly is unending. However, lately I’ve been seeing a lot more positive challenges and uplifting encouragements. One of these is the 100 happy days challenge in which you choose one item/moment/piece of your day to be grateful for each day for 100 days. Perspective is everything. Gratitude is healthy.

indexIt’s that time of year again! It is Lent. And for many, this means nothing. For some, it means much. Make me a promise? Read this post through. And then judge. Because I think we all have something to learn from some of the ideas.I am once again completing “40acts” which challenges me to complete a generous act every day alongside a devotion. So far I have done such things as take a talent & blessing inventory to see what skills I can best use to help others. I also left a thank you note for the postman to encourage his/her day, for example. I love these challenges because they help me to focus my thoughts around others, challenge me to act outside of my comfort zone, and put my beliefs into action. And we all know, when we give, we receive so much more. I feel so blessed through many of these challenges. I want to be a model of Jesus.

So, I hope that I am making a change one moment, one day at a time. It can’t start on a global level. It starts with YOU & ME.

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Reflecting on University

Okay, so I am going to go all sentimental here… Have you heard the saying, “Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Or “Cherish the moments, for they too, become memories.” Well, I don’t want to get all didactic and annoying, but really, it has hit me like nothing else.

The moments. Roommate roast and potato suppers with cheesecake for dessert. The first trip to the Milky Way for ice cream on opening weekend in spite of the snow still on the ground. The Grey Cup with cookie dough from the bowl. The late night conversations. And panic attacks. The many very-regular very-ordinary grocery shopping trips. The Norwalk virus fun (not.). The inside jokes. The new friends. If you would have asked me last year if I would recall the Norwalk virus with a grin I would certainly have said no! If you would have asked me to share “The Waterfall Story,” I would have grimaced. Now these are the memories I hold dear.

So, in the midst of the pain, the stress, the anxiety, the irritation, and the fatigue, breathe and reflect on the good. These are the memories you are creating. And they will be valuable. There is good in them. Enjoy! I hope I can keep this in mind for my future, too.

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Optimistic Future

Hi all!

Sorry it’s been so long. It took quite some getting used to transitioning back into university from internship. Everyone said, “You will not want to go back to being a student.” I didn’t believe them at all. I missed parts of school, and I love being a student. “It will be so hard to find your motivation for assignments again.” Again, didn’t believe it. How wrong I was! It took exactly a month to settle into a routine again, and after completing all the seasons of “Sherlock” within two weeks I am just now resuming my responsibilities….!IMGP0148

I hope midterms are going well. For some, it probably feels old hat already. I love this semester because it feels so wonderfully short and easy after making it through the fall semester. Here comes February break already!

As you probably know, I am very invested in the mentorship program. I had an awesome experience working alongside a new student last year, have enjoyed blogging, and attending events. So… I am hearing lots of exciting plans for the remainder of the year, as well as what is coming up for next fall! Start thinking about what role you might have! And also stay tuned for more great updates! It takes ALL of us to make OUR university a good place.

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A Very Merry Christmas To You

Hello all! Merry Christmas! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a month… That has got to be a record. This month flew by. I finished my three week block without too much incident! Just kidding! It was great. I was exhausted. In the final weeks, I have been spending time in the Kindergarten and Grade 1 classrooms. This has been a fantastic opportunity – I highly recommend talking to other teachers in your internship school if you can spend a good chunk of time with them. It is a good experience and prepares you all the better.

This week will be a hodgepodge of assorted activities – Christmas present making for parents, sledding, a school-wide movie on the last day, and lots of goodbyes, unfortunately. Last week was the Christmas concert and the kids did a fantastic job.

I have officially passed my internship semester with flying colours, and am partly excited and partly dreading going back to school! I hope finals are going well and you will be able to enjoy the Christmas season. It is my favourite time of the year. I will see you in the New Year! If you haven’t seen this yet, you need to check it out! So much fun!

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Feeling Accomplished

Well, hello everyone!

I am done my first eight days of full-time teaching! Ahhh! Such an enormous sense of accomplishment! I will be the first to admit there were moments of absolute insanity, periods of exhaustion, and I was ready to cry more than once, but I came out alive. I have continued to make big leaps in my confidence and ability to manage the whole class.

My Social unit continues to be my favourite part of the week, and the kids are loving it, and learning some great things. This last week we learned about shelter and homes in communities around the world. We talked about what things we would need to consider if we were building a house in Canada (it gets very cold, we have wood, bricks, glass, concrete to use as materials, we usually live with our immediate family, etc). Then, we got to draw our “blueprint.” After this, each student got a list of supplies and considerations and they had to design their own. The following day, we looked at real homes from the communities that they sketched a blueprint of and learned a little more. They were so interested and proud of their houses! One student was even ecstatic when she found a book during our library period on “Homes Around the World” and promptly began reading it.

Poppies KidsI also got the kids to write letters to veterans for Remembrance Day – they were SO excited to see the name they got, and the things that they shared with their veterans were so cute! They also made mixed media (glue designs, paper, cloth, tissue paper, etc) poppies to go with their letters. “My favourite game is Dodgeball. What is your favourite game? Do you like dodgeball too?”

I am also busy getting ready for our Christmas concert – both the play in Drama club, as well as our class song. So exciting! Report cards are going home this week (another adventure – I was exclusively responsible for two subjects and those marks, effort score, and comments). This week we have tri-conferencing (new style replacing parent-teacher interviews), so that will be another interesting first. The year is speeding up and I will be done before I know it – I registered for my last semester of university this past week! Eek!

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The Daily Good: Keeping Positivity the Core


We’re getting close to a day off! Everyone excited? Granted, I am a huge advocate for remembering why we have any given day off, and Remembrance Day is no exception. Dedicate a chunk of time to remember. Take a few moments, say a prayer, or thank a veteran. I am getting my class to write thank you letters to veterans.

I start my three week block this Monday. That means I teach all subjects full time and take on all the responsibilities my coop teacher has. In addition to this, I am continuing on with my extra-curricular commitment of drama club twice a week (we’re starting some hard work on the Christmas play)! We also do supervision once a week. I believe I am prepared as far as planning is concerned, but I am petrified! It’s such a big jump and I think back to my pre-internship three week block when I thought teaching one unit (once a day) was an amazing feat!!! A lot changes in 8 months!

In the midst of all this, I’ve felt a bit underwater, I suppose one could say. After a full and crazy day at school and nearly three or four hours of planning each night (yes, it still takes me a LOT longer than a full-fledged teacher might), I was finding it hard to keep some perspective. After talking to a great friend, I started a “Daily Good List” photo1in which I remain consciously aware of all the good things that happen in a day, or for which I am grateful, and intentionally put the bad or discouraging behind me. In the evening, I jot them down. It’s helping more than I thought I would. Not only am I physically taking account of the good, but I’m also watching more closely for it during the whole day. I believe that it will be even more useful after I have a full couple of pages! Profs and teachers have advised us to do the same in the past, but I’ve never truly considered it. I wish I had earlier. Although maybe now is the best time. Keep it in mind. Maybe you’re in Education and it’ll make all the difference when your class seems to be totally unreceptive. Maybe you’re in another faculty and it’ll still help you keep perspective and hold tight to your positivity! I think it’s a good outlook to have no matter your walk.

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People Meant to Help

Hello everyone!
Sorry it’s been a long time. With Thanksgiving tossed into the mix, fall suppers in the community, and simple (or not-so-simple) daily life, I’ve been a bit distracted.

All I want to do in this post is thank those that have supported me. Truly, throughout my university field experiences, I have had nothing but amazing people that have come alongside me. This includes coop teachers and faculty advisors, as well as profs. They have been instrumental.P1030291edit2

This week my faculty advisor came to watch me teach for an hour and a half. It was a Friday, it had been a rough week, and I was exhausted and frustrated. I was feeling like I couldn’t do anything right and was ready to throw in the towel for a few days. However, after teaching a couple of lessons that I felt were mediocre at best, my faculty advisor showered me with praise. He prides himself on giving nothing less than honest, professional observations so I knew he thought he was totally being genuine. Still, I told him blatantly that I disagreed. Anyway, long story short, I accepted his opinion as an encouragement that I’m doing the best I can, and it’s a pretty awesome best. I’m still not thrilled, but I am more at ease that just maybe I am okay.

So far as I can tell, the university has done a pretty good job at hiring their faculty advisors for us. And for that I am truly grateful. I think we can use all the confidence we can get, and it’s nice to feel someone is rooting for us! They don’t really have a whole lot of say in your evaluation (the bulk is your coop teacher), so you feel more at ease allowing them to watch and take notes for you. They are simply there to give you feedback. And my biggest realization is that their expectations aren’t unrealistic. They are so encouraging and I’ve always felt better after they’ve visited. I don’t think we’d survive very long in this profession if we didn’t have someone that we could seek out for affirmations, encouragement, and advice. 🙂    THANK YOU, ENCOURAGERS & SUPPORTERS!

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